Day Set-up

standHire 100% Suspension to work with you all day to find the set-up with your machine that works for you. Your machine will be measured up at the beginning of the day as it is so that a check of condition and adjustability can be made, then a base set-up is used. (This differs from machine to machine, even of the same model due to manufacturing tolerances and overall condition.) After each session, we will be able to work through what you experienced and make further adjustments as necessary.


If you think you can’t or won’t be able to give feedback, don’t worry! One of the most important parts of being a suspension technician is being able to ask the right questions. All you have to do is answer them as best you can, normally a simple yes or no and it’s surprising what you can tell me!

The 100% Suspension service truck has on-board facilities to change blown fork seals to get you back on track. (Subject to stock availability an additional charge is made for this service)

We will gladly impart any advice we can but please remember if we do say ‘no’, we are trying to be fair to those who have hired us for the day and have paid for the advice which you may be hoping is free.

What is available by prior arrangement?

100% Suspension can supply and fit the K-Tech and Ohlins range of shocks, fork springs and steering dampers, re-valve standard forks with K-Tech or Ohlins internals, service K-Tech and Ohlins forks and shocks, and service previously re-valved forks.

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